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Win BTC in reverse auctions: the lowest unique bid wins.
Half the proceeds go to worthy causes.
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Pure strategy. Fully verifiable. Not random.
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In a unique bid auction, you purchase one or more bids of 0.001 BTC and up; once the reserve is met, the smallest bid that only one person bought wins it.

Half of the proceeds of every auction is verifiably donated to a non-profit or other worthy cause.
The other half goes to run this site.

You're up against aggregate human behavior, which is not as unpredictable as people think. We publish all bid histories so you can concoct a winning strategy.

This is not a game of chance: there are no dice, cards, or randomness. The outcome is determined entirely by those who participate.

We publish every auction, bid, and bitcoin we send or receive so you can decide on trust. We'd lose more in reputation than we'd gain by messing with the auctions.

There is no minimum purchase. You can spend as little as 0.001 BTC to buy the cheapest bid. In the unlikely event that no one else also buys that bid, you'll win!

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Closed Auctions

  • Contest 83001
    • Status 30
    • Started Sun Jul 14 19:08:51 UTC 2013 7
    • Updated Wed Jul 17 22:44:50 UTC 2013 7
    • Ended Wed Jul 17 22:44:49 UTC 2013 7
    • Prize Amount 0.1000
    • Title Test Auction Small
    • Description Three winners!
    • Pending 0
    • Participants 6
    • Winning Bids 3
    • Bids 93
    • Winning Bid 0.0068 Winning Bid 0.0086 Winning Bid 0.0100
    • Winning Payout 1AMGcz5732Mu4spBv9gopuBbrPRnPZRfEg Winning Payout 1FNMRqFg4U8LQ6Lw4t4dXxK6SH9jbBRroa Winning Payout 1agedB91MdsjmsAwfqYErXFhkT11aYWbj
    • Feed /rss/83001
    • JSON /json/83001
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